Aayush Homam

Turmeric Powder1 packet
Kumkum1 packet
Sandalwood Powder/Tablets/Paste1 packet
Agarbatthi1 packet
Betel Nuts1 Small packet
Betel Leaves & Nuts2 Packets
Flowers2 Bouquets
Bananas & Other fruitsFew of each
Rice1 Pound
Quarters40 Coins
Garlands for the person1
Naivedyam (Prasadam)Sweet Pongal
Additionally required supplies for outside temple private pujas
Havan samagri1 Packet
Fire wood chips1 Packet
Aluminum baking trays (medium size)2
Ghee1 Pound
Camphor1 Packet
White Rice (Cooked)Small Quantity
Pancha Patram and Udharani or Unused Cup and spoon1 each
Saffron,Cloves,Cardamom and Paccha KarpooramSmall Quantities for Kalasam
Mango Leaves (if available)1 Bunch
Deepam (Lamps)1
Trays to keep Fruits and Flowers5
Paper towels1 Roll



Priest Services
Private Puja Guidelines

All priest requests are required to be submitted online.

Personal consultations with a priest is available between 7:15 PM to 8:15 PM everyday

Priest consultation availability will be limited during special events/pujas

No private puja services will be
scheduled on special events