Latest Construction Updates


Garbhagraham Roof

We have started to build the Garbagruhams to the ROOF level (12 ft. high from the ground level). Every three feet, the city inspects to approve the structure to go ahead. Once we have completed the 9 ft. height from the slab, and the city gives the green signal, we will pour the concrete for the roof. This will complete all Garbhagrahams except Sri Ganesha. This will be complete by the last week of February.

Ganesha Garbhagraham

Once the new team of Shilpis (experts in building the granite Garbhagraham) arrives from India at the end of first quarter 2024, we will start the assembling and building work of Ganesha Garbhagraham.

American Construction

Electrical & Fire Safety

Certificate of Occupancy is of the highest priority this quarter. In order to be granted the certificate of occupancy we will need to pass several inspections mainly including the electrical inspection, and fire and safety inspections.

Cabinets & Countertops

The 3 main buildings including the Main Temple Hall, Multipurpose Building, and Washrooms all will have cabinets and countertops installed this quarter.

Multi-Purpose Hall

Multi-purpose Hall that accommodates around three hundred people, with a commercial kitchen and other amenities are getting ready to obtain a certificate of occupancy. We plan to be operational by April 2024.

Landscaping/ Irrigation

As per City Inspection guidelines we will be installing a complete irrigation system with sprinklers for maintaining the landscape.

Based on the status, we are ahead of our plan. Originally, we had planned to pursue a temporary arrangement to move the current idols to the new Temple but we took advantage of the earlier availability of skilled Shilpis and quickly moved into building the Garbagrahams, also allowing us to use all funding directly for New Temple Construction. June 2025 or earlier (based on auspicious guidelines) is still our ambition for completing the new Temple Kumbabishekam, and our current progress positions us extremely well in realizing our ambition.

Updates on Ganesha Garbhagraham

All the Indianized granite blocks are on temple grounds. Devotees can see this in front of the new temple. Once the new Shilpi team arrives from India in the first quarter of 2024, we will start the assembling and building work of Ganesha Garbagraham.

Updates on Garbhagrahams for Deities

On Pradosham day in November, we began the first Garbhagraham work for Shiva, and have now completed a 3ft base structure of the Garbhagrahas, for all deities including Durga, Subramanya, Venkateswara, Ayyappa, Guruvayurappan, and Hanuman.

Concrete Slabs for Garbhagraham

On Vaikunta Ekadasi Day (Dec 22, 2023), we began the final stage of completing the base support of the Garbhagrahams by pouring the concrete over the base structure and creating the steps to enter each Garbhagraham. See the photos below for the Ayyappa Garbhagraham.