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Importance of Donation in this Yuga

It is believed that in each yuga (divine ages representing the life stages of the universe) there is a specific dharmic rule by which one should live.  It is said that self mortification is the rule for the Satya Yuga (Krita), knowledge is the rule for Treta Yuga; performing sacrifice for all Gods is the rule of Dvapara Yuga, and the only path for Kali Yuga is charity alone.

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* The amount you want to contribute can be deducted automatically from your bank account or credit card each month using an ACH, or you can pay the full amount by selecting Donate Now, and following the instructions for processing your payment.

|| Tapah Param Krita Yuge Tretayam Gyanamuchayathe |
Dwapare Yajnamevahuh Danameva Kalau Yuge||

– Parashara Smrithi, Chapter 1, Verse 23