How do I receive emails about temple events?

Thank you for your interest to know more about temple events. Please sign up to the Temple Newsletter mailing list by registering your email. Click Here to Sign Up

Is there a dress code or any other guidelines for visitors of the Temple?

It is considered appropriate to wear clothing that covers the shoulders and knees.  Please avoid wearing shorts and remove your caps before entering the temple.  Click for Temple Guidelines

What are the Temple Opening hours, and Daily Puja Schedule?

Temple is open from 8:30 am-12:30 pm and 5:30-8:30 pm Monday through Friday, and from 8:30 am-8:30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.  Click for Daily Puja Timings

Can I cook and bring Prasad for the temple?

It is permissible for devotees to serve vegetarian dishes as Prasadam, as long as they are prepared without onions or garlic. Offerings prepared outside of the temple team are subject to a $11 fee. 


You can join the temple Mahaprasadam team by contacting seva@htnt.org

Can I offer garlands or puja items for daily pujas?

Archana tickets for $11 are available, for those who wish to offer garlands, flowers, abhishekam dravyams and prasadam prepared outside the temple.

Dravyams and flowers will be offered  as per the needs of the Temple. Garlands will be offered according to the devotee’s preference. Prasadam that is offered should follow temple guidelines for preparation.

What is the process for donating online?

On the top menu, click on Donations and choose your preferred category.  There is a button under each category that says DONATE NOW or SIGN UP FOR ACH.  

For DONATE NOW, click the button, enter the desired amount, and follow the payment steps.  

For SIGN UP FOR ACH,  you will provide basic details to be contacted by a temple representative to take your first payment over the phone and to set up recurring payments for the future. 

What are the various categories we can look for donations?

The donation categories are listed under the Donations tab on the main menu.

What are the accepted methods of payment for donations, sponsorships and private services?

We accept a wide variety forms of payments including Cash, Checks, all major Credit Cards, Paypal, Zelle, and Apple Pay.    Click for Acceptable Payment Methods

How do I get my donation summary?

An annual donation tax statement for the transactions made in the financial year will be emailed to the email address which is provided when making the donation.  To make a request for a donation summary prior to this please send request via email to treasurer@htnt.org

Where can I get more information about the Matching Donation program?

Many employers match their employees’ charitable contributions to HTNT, since we are a non-profit organization. Using these matching programs will help you maximize your charitable donations and volunteer hours.

Employees are encouraged to inquire about corporate matching gifts policies with their HR departments.

What is the process for opting out of Auto-Deduction and making a single payment or paying off the rest?

Please contact the temple support team via email to support@htnt.org

How can I make a donation to the temple? Are there different ways to contribute?

Those who wish to volunteer their time can engage in physical seva at the temple through volunteer work.  For more information, please email seva@htnt.org.

The temple can also be supported financially through donations. For more information, please see the DONATIONS tab on our website or visit the temple front desk to see what we need right now.

Where can I get information on scheduling a pooja?

Please click and go through the Priests Services Menu on the website.  All puja requests MUST be made online. 

Can I request a priest for a special ceremony or private puja at my home?

Depending on the availability of our priests and the temple schedule, private services may be booked either in the temple premises or at another location.   Click for Priest Services Guidelines

Can I schedule a wedding or a special private function at the temple?

It is possible to schedule a function inside the temple, when a priest is available and enough space is available for regular devotees to pray and do pradakshina. Those wishing to host larger events can rent the Modular Building (next to the current temple) at a rate of $100 per hour.  

Supplies are not provided for private functions and all parties are responsible for cleaning up after the function.

Does the Temple provide Funeral Services?

The temple does provide funeral services for the community, but it depends on the availability of a priest, especially since the priest cannot return to the temple for the rest of the day. Please email administrator@htnt.org if you need immediate assistance. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

How do I register my children for Vidya Vihar Classes?

Vidya Vihar Registration for the 2024 intake will close on September 25, 2024. Registration requires a one time payment $160 which is non-refundable. Next academic year will commence on October 12, 2024. Click for Vidya Vihar Information

Are there classes for Adults?

Adult classes and discourses are also available at Sri Ganesha Temple. We currently have Chenda Classes being taught by Dallas Vadya Kala Kendram under the guidance of Pallavoor Sreedharan and Sreekumar Marar. It is planned to resume adult yoga classes after March 2024.

Is there a membership program, and how can I become a member of the temple community?

Download the membership form, fill it out, and mail or bring it to the temple along with the appropriate payment. You will be notified of your membership after the Treasurer verifies your information and the Board approves it. You will also automatically be notified of temple events. Click for Membership Information