HTNT Youth Vihar

The HTNT Youth Vihar program has been successfully launched during the spring break 2012 with the temple garden project. Youth Vihar is intended to be a venue for the younger generation of devotees to develop an interest in participating in volunteering, charity missions, and community service projects. This program will also organize events and opportunities to build leadership skills in youth for advancement in their education, career, and life.  The program is primarily targeted towards children aged 12 years to 19 years. We will also encourage kids from ages 5 to 11 to participate in this, as a second phase.

The program should be two pronged. It should help the temple to utilize the Youth Vihar members to better manage temple events (which are non-religious in nature), help with temple related improvement projects (gardening, Prasadam distribution, manning stalls, help out during major temple  events throughout the year), take part in community service projects (medical camp, tutoring, park/road beautification, packing food for pantries or distribution, Habitat for humanity projects etc.), and help to spread the word of good will about the temple and devotee base among the public. Along with this, the members who participate in the Youth Vihar program should be able to better utilize the experience and hours spent for these activities, towards the advancement of their education, college admissions, career, and life lessons.

The HTNT Youth Vihar registration forms are also available at the temple front office. Please register (your children) and make use of this opportunity to better serve the community.

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