Kalyana Utsavam

Turmeric powder1 Packet
Kumkum1 Packet
Sandal wood powder/tablets/paste1 Packet
Agarbatthi1 Packet
Camphor1 Packet
Betel leaves15
Betel Nuts1 Small Packet
Flowers2 Bouquets
Flower garlands4 or 6 garlands depending on the dei
Bananas and 5 Variety of fruitsFew of each kind
Rice2 Pounds
Dry Fruits like raisins, Almonds, Rock candy, Cashews1 Packet each
Naivedyam (prasadam)Any sweets as per their regional practices (3 vareities)
Mangalyam (Thali/ Mangal Sutra)
Vastrams (Silk only)Optional
Priest Services
Private Puja Guidelines

All priest requests are required to be submitted online.

Personal consultations with a priest is available between 7:15 PM to 8:15 PM everyday

Priest consultation availability will be limited during special events/pujas

No private puja services will be
scheduled on special events