Regular Services

Regular Services


Sri Ganesha Temple offers a variety of religious services to the devotees. The temple priests provide services, either at the devotee’s home or the temple. Services at the temple can be either “Temple Scheduled” (performed by the priest for several devotees as a group), or customized for an individual devotee. Services can be scheduled by contacting the temple manager. The availability of the priest(s) and any conflicts with the temple programs will be taken into account while scheduling any service for a devotee. While the temple strives to support the religious needs of all Hindus in North Texas, circumstances beyond our control may limit the type and scope of the services offered.

The following table contains the rates for the various services offered by the temple. Click on the specific service to display the pooja items required for the service.


Religious Services Sponsorships
Service At Home In Temple
Archana $11
Abhishekam (Temple Scheduled) $51
Abhishekam (Scheduled for Devotee) $75
Abhishekam (Scheduled for Devotee – Balaji/Murugan) $101
Sahasranama Archana (Temple Scheduled) $31
Kalyana Utsavam (Temple Scheduled) $101
Kalyana Utsavam (Scheduled for Devotee) $251
Ganesha Homam (Daily Temple Scheduled) $51
Homam (Temple Scheduled) $101
Homam (Scheduled for Devotee) $201 $125
Satyanarayana Puja (Temple Scheduled) $51
Satyanarayana Puja (Scheduled for Devotee) $201 $125
Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam (Temple Scheduled) $151
Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam (Scheduled for Devotee) $351 $251
Special Pooja at home (e.g. Pournami pooja) $201
Engagement $201 $101
Marriage $501 $401
Seemantham $251 $151
Namakaranam $151 $75
Annaprasanam $151 $75
Aksharabhyasam $151 $75
Aayush Homam $201 $125
Upanayanam $501 $401
Hair Cutting or Mundan (Pooja only) $75
Vahana Pooja $51
Punyaha Vachanam $151 $75
Bhumi Pooja $201
Gruha Pravesham $251
Shastipoorthi $301 $151
Hiranya Shraddham (Tarpanam) $101 $61
Shraaddham with Homam $301
Homam at home is considered to be an hour long, excluding travel time
In case of multiple poojas at home or for services not listed,
please check with the temple manager
Dakshina to the Priest is additional and at devotee’s discretion
All puja services are scheduled with the temple manager


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